Display Parameters on a Landing Page

If you want to display data on your landing page such as “Hi Iphone user” or “Hello Alabama” you need to add a call-out script to your landing page inside LanderBolt.

This script allows you to display dynamically changing parameter on your landing page.

For the purpose of this guide we will use LanderBolt and affiliate tracker RedTrack to show you how simple it is:

1. Choose a landing page from your LanderBolt account. It can be an already imported page or the page made from one of our templates and press ‘Set page scripts’.

2. Enable “Custom Scripts – Enable before </body>” option and place a script there:

3. You also need to add custom script to the code of your landers. It’s not hard to do even if you don’t have any coding knowledge.

In the code editor of your page look for the part of the text where you want to display certain information. You can do this manually, or you can visually choose the part of the lander which includes the text and system will display the code part of it automatically.

In the place where the dynamic variable should be put this script:


NOTE: In our example we use token {country} as it is one of the tokens provided by RedTrack. Make sure you use parameters that can be detected by your affiliate tracker.

Save changes and go back to your landing page to sync it with your tracker. If you’ve already connected your tracker with LanderBolt just click the button and your landing page will be automatically synced with your tracker. 

4. Last but not least. Add tokens to your landing page as ?country={country}. Gaps may vary according to the traffic source you use. For our example it’s pretty simple with one parameter, but you can add as many as you need.

NOTE: Parameters should be added manually to the landing page url in your tracker, LanderBolt only pass the actual link of your landing page. 

Click url is also in this section and you can subsctitute all your links inside LanderBolt with it.

NOTE: To make sure everything works, make a test via your tracker campaign link, not via landing page url. 

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