Import Landers from Anstrex. Part2

     There is a second way to Import Landing Page from Anstrex to LanderBolt. If the import through Import Landing Page button in Anstrex interface didn’t work for you, we recommend to import landers using Download&Deploy option there. 

     1. Sign in to your Anstrex account, choose a landing page and then click Download&Deploy button. 

     2. Press OK on the pop up that will appear on your screen and then you’ll see that your landing page started dowloading and simply click here

     3. Click Edit and you’ll be automatically redirected to Anstrex editor where you can apply changes you want to landing page and when you’re done click Go to Step 3

      4. After the page is Optimized you’ll see the button Import To LanderBolt and you’ll be automatically redirected to your LanderBolt account where you can continue with all settings.

What exact settings should be done in LanderBolt you can check out in Part1

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