LanderBolt Helps Kids

In the Video Above our CEO, Jordon donates a custom-engineered and fully restored ATV to 7 year old Tristin who is overjoyed!

Jordon started a mission to “get kids outside” during this time of change where children are spending more time indoors. His idea was to buy old ATV frames and engineer a new custom racing engine, and transmission for children, and even adults to enjoy these ATV’s without the constant breakdowns.

Tristin, and his little sister Tessa are now outside all day using the ATV to pull a trailer around and help dad do lawn work, ride on trails again and overall have a lot of fun.

LanderBolt and Verticode are going to continue to fund Jordon’s project to help children get outside after this awesome successful engineering project.

Jordon’s next project is coming soon, stay tuned for more updates.

Tristens Dad sent this video of his son pulling 800 lbs around. The old engine could barely move the ATV before it broke down his dad said.

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