How to Avoid Running Malicious Scripts When You Copy a Page

     It is common knowledge that having a proper landing page is the determining factor in the making or breaking of a campaign. Landing pages help you persuade your customers to take action. An average affiliate will split test headlines, images, and sales copy all in a bid to improve the landing page.

     A truly successful affiliate landing page does not only give you a wider reach, but it also generates leads and boosts your conversion rates. When it comes to landing pages, a lot of new affiliates and even a guru affiliate marketers often make deadly and disastrous mistakes.

The Danger of Leaving Malicious Scripts on your Page

     Common scenario: you use a Spy Tool or an Ad Intelligence tool to download a landing page that you want to edit and design to make use of as your own.

     Common mistake: doing everything mentioned above without taking the time to consider looking at the code.

     This can be a huge mistake because a lot of these landing pages have malicious scripts on them (called malicious because they are scripts that somebody else put on the page and you don’t want them). If you do not take the time to go through the code, you would not be able to notice, if a those scripts are present. 

     Running someone else’s tracking scripts can be another huge challenge. You could be using the things that the original owner of the page has programmed and put onto it and you dont want to that either.

     So, make sure that you know how to go into the code or if you are unable to, have someone else do it for you. 

Scripts That Should Be Removed

     It can be a little challenging to find the exact script to be cleaned in the page because every web page typically uses JavaScript. If there is any interactivity like a quiz or anything that is animated on the page, it is typically handled with Javascript.

     As a result, Javascripts are generally used as malicious scripts.

     In this case, you would have to find out a way of separating those malicious scripts from the useful ones. 

     It can be pretty tough to go through it and find what exactly it is that you need to get rid of, but here is what you can be looking for:

  • facebook pixels;
  • scripts that include additional info (such as name of a server, IP address etc.);
  • lead forms added to a page;
  • tracking codes;
  • traffic stealing scripts.

     This is when it becomes disastrous, because by accident you might also remove the helpful scripts tool and end up breaking the page itself.

     A famous trick used by some affiliates is that they hide the malicious script inside of other prevalent scripts so that it appears as though the page does not have such a script. For instance, jQuery. It is a framework/library that people use to make some scripts more comfortable to write. Thus, if you or even your web developers know the jQuery script, they think it is okay and that there is no problem and ignore the script. 

     If you do not have some automated tool that can get rid of those, then you will have to step in and get rid of it yourself or have a developer do so. 

Importance of a Clean Page

     Every time you download a landing page online, ensure that you go through a process of cleaning it either by yourself, with the help of an automated tool (such as LanderBolt) or with a web developer (if you have one). It is essential that you have a way of going through the page and cleaning it so that you can remove all malicious scripts.

     Once it has been cleaned, then you can rest assured and be confident in putting your things on the page. 

     Anyways at the end of the day you do all that just to ensure the safety and security of you files.

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