Split Test Your Pages

     A lot of especially new affiliates usually make one simple mistake. They use a landing pages that do not work for them. They go out, grab a landing page from an intelligence tool, or find one out in the wild, download it and expect high results. After cleaning out the page and optimizing it, they assume that the landing page that they found will be one that converts, because they found it out there receiving traffic, right?

     When it comes to affiliate marketing in general, even if a landing page is working well for someone, it does not necessarily mean that it will perform for you. In this case, the biggest mistake new affiliates make is that they run only a single landing page and they do not split test it.

     Simple and obvious, right?

     But it happens a lot more often than expected. If you grab a page that looks great and use it, it may lead to a whole lot of problems and you will end up blaming the traffic source, mentioning that the traffic is terrible and end up changing their bid or put their effort on other things.

Split Test… and one more time Split Test

     In affiliate marketing, your landing page is one of the most significant factors affecting your campaign’s sales. Performing a split test allows you to compare different variations of a web page to determine which one is better in its performance to the end of boosting conversions.

     The biggest thing to take note of during a split test is the headline and the images. Leave headline at the top and test different combinations for images. 

     It is extremely important if you are not seeing good ROI or conversions coming in as having a good landing page template to work with. 

     If you need to run multiple landing pages at a time, ensure that they all have different headlines, different images and various components so that you can see which one works best. Performance tracker will be a great help here. LanderBolt is integrated with a bunch of affiliate trackers, you can choose the one you already use and if we don’t have it, let us know.

     This is another reason why having a developer on your side, understanding the code yourself or having a tool that can do all this is very important because you are going to need to make changes to the landing pages quite frequently. 

     This is a big hiccup to most new affiliates in the industry and is a significant reason why a lot of new members do not perform split tests on their page unless they know what they are doing or they have someone that is teaching them. In a scenario where you do not know how to make changes to a page and lack basic knowledge in coding, working on that page will be a pain. If you do not know how to make changes to say a headline, working on the page will be frustrating as it could take you a couple of days or an even more extended period to work on it and in the end, you might lose all motivation to continue with it. 

     Unfortunately, statistics have shown that this happens a lot among new affiliates and has quickly become a big problem. However, the technology towards managing that issue is split testing.

     One of the biggest mistake that affiliates make after the page load speeds and the script on the page is split testing. Whenever you are running an offer, you want to make sure that get multiple landing pages that you can cut test side by side.

     These landing pages could be completely different landing pages, or they can be the same landing page but with a different headline, different images or even different essential elements on the page so that you can see which one performs better. If you do not know how to make those changes yourself, you will have to make sure you have a developer that can do that or an automated tool that can assist you with it, such as LanderBolt.

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