Import Landers from Anstrex. Part1

It’s not a secret Spytools are crucial for affilites these days as you can not only get information about highly converting landing pages, but can also get lots of inspiration to create brand new ones.

In this guide we’ll show you how quick it is to import landing pages from Anstrex to LanderBolt. Anstrex is already integrated with LanderBolt and before you start importing make sure you connected your accounts between themselves.

1. We’re going to look for some insurance page on Anstrex, as example. Use Anstrex filters for your particular request, for our example we’ll simply adjust days running to 3-4 to make sure lander actually converts. 

2. Click Import To LanderBolt and after the page is downloaded click Import to LanderBolt again.

3. After the 2d import you’ll be automatically redirected to your LanderBolt account where you can continue with settings. 

Simply add Title, Vertical, Language to keep your pages organized. 
Choose previously added to the system Domain, Subdomain and URL slug for your landing page. 

Make sure you leave ‘Remove JavaScript’ and ‘Remove outgoing links’ checked. The system will clear the page from all malicious scripts and JavaScript of course and also will remove all outgoing links. 


4. Before publishing your landing page you can sync it with your tracker (if we are not integrated with the particular tracker, contact us and we’ll change it) and activate Link Replacer where you can place your offer link or your click_url. You can also edit the page as you want with the help of our visual/html editor. 

Click PUBLISH and your landing page will be live in 3 seconds. 

5. All changes made with landing page will be immediately applied, even if it’s already published and running. 

Importing can’t be more simple.

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